Mezrah Financial


Mezrah Financial is a consulting firm specializing in wealth accumulation techniques, wealth transfer planning strategies, life insurance consulting, employee benefits, non-qualified executive benefit programs, investment management, income protection and business planning. In addition, our goal is to assist clients with reducing taxes, maximizing wealth, enhancing insurance protection and providing for their heirs. For over 50 years, since 1966, our Tampa-based firm has been providing these services to its clients nationwide. The resources and experiences of our firm are devoted to providing a broad range of high quality services in the areas of business and personal financial planning. We act as a buyer for our clients and represent them in the financial services community. We work together with our clients to review their financial goals and initiatives. We assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to achieve those goals and initiatives. Further, we continuously monitor legislative developments to keep our clients apprised of any changes that may impact their planning strategies, helping to ensure that they remain on target for achieving their goals. We are also part of M Financial’s team of over 140 firms throughout the country. M Financial is a national firm that syndicates purchasing power, technology and resources to its broad base of clients. Through M Financial, our clients have access to proprietary ideas and relationships that are unmatched within the industry.


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